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KKK long Shaft 390S (25mm) propeller 12"

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RD390 Product category : Reduction engine Product sub-category : For reduction engine 13-16 HP (Honda GX390 L-Type) Complete set : engine base, base seize, engine housing, PTO shaft 25.00 mm. (connector 10 points), pole stick, handle, long shaft RD110 inch and propeller 12 inch. Short description : RD set is a direct long shaft that designed for reduction engine which has gear box in the engine. They are suitable for heavy duty. Moreover, we provide a connector 10 points (PTO shaft) for more durable and high performance. (please see video clip in gallery) They consist of - Engine base – Standard engine base strong, durable to carry a heavy engine - Base seize – Standard base seize durable to hold with any surface on the boat - Engine housing – Short standard engine housing that can carry with any power of engine. - PTO shaft – Short standard PTO shaft 25.00mm (connector 10 points). can deal with any high power of engine. - Handle – A standard handle 1 metre simple, comfortable and easy to control. - Long shaft – Long shaft RD110 inch, can support propeller up to 12-13 inch. - Propeller – Aluminum propeller 12”, bigger propeller give them more power to do heavy duty. - Pole stick – Due to high power of reduction engine, they need to support housing, prevent it break down.

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